Monday, 8 October 2012

Teacher Training course 2012-14 beginnings!

Some words about the MYA Teacher Training Course 2012-14 which began in earnest at the end of September last week at the ashram…

* Swami Nishchalananda (Course Director)
Please click here for his audio message to all participants

* Sue Blanch (Student-Teacher)
''One of the wonderful aspects of the start of the course this week was meeting and getting to know like-minded people. We're from all walks of life & all parts of the UK but here with a passion for yoga and a strong desire for self-development in common. I expected to learn how to teach yoga but I didn't expect the added bonus of 22 new friends!''

* Dave Twomey (Student-teacher)

''Ah, if you could have seen us on the final night - our initial retreat last night Kirtan with Swami-ji & guests. Its only 1 week since some of us met, so its clear that the mold of so many promising friendships have already been made. So up we went onto our feet on the first cue to do so, singing and dancing like we were born to do it - welcoming very much with wide arms and 22 open hearts this 2 year course - ''of transformation'' as Swami-ji said.

A special thanks to our Course Director Swami Nishchanananda, our wonderful tutors Tara Rupa, Swami Krishnaprem, Hridaya Purna & Madhuri plus all the ashram residents and visitors who made this wonderful week possible. Very well-organised, extremely focused yet perfectly weighted and just SO inspiring! My highlight was a walk around the perimeter of the ashram in silence under iridescent & quite full-moon light after the aforementioned kirtan. Words were not needed to express the love I was feeling for those around me at that moment. The perfect end to a near perfect week, I can safely say without a hint of doubt one of the best things I have ever done in my life.''

* A poem by Janak (Student-Teacher)

''In the silence I hear someone leave Kutir
I thought it was Ryan
To ring the bell
So I got up
Had a shower
A shave
Cleaned my teeth
Did neti
And then switched the light on
To see what time
Only to realise it was two thirty
And so after a silent chuckle
I returned to bed
And on rising
Who was on the bell
Not Ryan
But Sue instead''

* Tara Rupa (Tutor)

''We began the ashram Yoga Teacher training course with a full weeks retreat, a new idea that we hoped would work well. I think it did! The ashram energies, including Swamiji, the tutors, the students, residents and not forgetting Agni the ashram cat, came together with a huge feeling of spaciousness and a willingness to learn and share. What a joy - we seemed to blend and co-operate to bring the best of each of us to the fore. The next 2 years will be a further unfolding for us all to experience and contribute to ... ''

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking
                                                 new landscapes but in having new eyes"