Sunday, 26 May 2013

Living In Awareness with Swami Gyan Dharma

Hari Om

We can live much of our lives in an unconscious way, not really knowing what we think, not really knowing what we feel, and often acting in unconscious ways, not really knowing what we are doing. We have in many ways forgotten that we are conscious beings, and we have forgotten the value of awareness. Awareness is an integral part of our being, or perhaps rather the very basis of our being, and so ignoring the awareness part of who we are, ignoring this fundamental aspect of who we are, is the basis of much of the suffering we experience in the life. We need to start reclaiming this awareness aspect of who we are, for by reclaiming awareness, we also begin to reclaim our clarity, our natural wisdom, our wellbeing, our balance, sanity, and the very fundamental nature of our being.

So starting where we are, not at some other time, not at some other place, this is it, the here and the now, always the best place for practice. Come and join us for a 4-day exploration of awareness, using the tools of yoga & meditation and get back in touch with the beauty of your inner being. 

Om Prema and Love 

Gyan Dharma

* * * 

LIVING IN AWARENESS  June 20-23, 3 days (Thursday-Sunday) 
Conducted by Swami Gyan Dharma

During this 3 day seminar, you will be skilfully guided by Swami Gyan Dharma into the mystery of Awareness. Sessions will include exploring the tantric meditation practice of antar mouna – inner silence – and sustained chanting practices through which you can touch an inner meditative stillness. 

There will also be early morning hatha yoga classes, yoga nidra, evening satsang (questions and answers) and kirtan (collective chanting). The seminar will commence and finish with a havan (sacred fire ceremony). The practices, adeptly conveyed through Swami Gyan Dharma’s insight and compassionate heart, will promote deeper self exploration, touch the inner springs of joy through chanting, and develop a sharper quality of attention in action - the hallmarks of living in Awareness.

Cost: £235; a deposit of £75 secures your place.
Starts: 8 p.m. Thursday (please arrive before supper at 6.30 p.m.).
Ends: with lunch on Sunday.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Musings from Swami Nishchalananda & Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Swami Nishchalananda says: 

"Let us live life fully, facing all the challenges and all the ups and downs. 
At the same time, let us aim for the clouds by opening up to the mystery of our Being.
Let us introspect, meditate and reflect to realise our Conscious Identity. 
Human life offers us this possibility. 
Let us fulfil our highest potential. 

As Swami Sivananda tells us:

"Come, come
become a yogi

Aim high.

Would you not like to attain 
perfection and immortality?
Then, come
Aspire for higher things
Be bold.
Looks not back.
March forward. 

Enquire 'Who a I?'

Hear, reflect, meditate and realise

the atmic splendour. 
Identify yourself with the Supreme self.
Live in the eternal.''
- Swami Sivanada

* * * 


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Plus Swami Neel Kamal's lovely Yoga Nidra 

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