Saturday, 10 August 2013

Dave Twomey, a beloved member of the Ashram community passed away from cancer on the 17th July 2013. Swami Nishchalananda wrote these words in memorial of him. "All of us in MYA are deeply sad at the passing of such a handsome, intelligent, fun loving and riotous human being as dear Dave was. He was an asset to the ashram and was loved by everyone and those on the YTTC with him. Though he is not with us in body and mind, his essential nature lives on. We also give our condolences to Stella who must say goodbye to her son."
Dave was a member of our current yoga teacher training course (YTTC). During our two week residential in July we all had a ceremony to share our deep sadness for his passing and also to celebrate his beautiful life. We are all inspired by his zest for life, his generosity of spirit and his good humour. One TTC participant decided to name his new mala after him.. a mala called Dave- which only makes sense at the level of the heart. During the ceremony we sang Gayatri Mantra for him 27 times, a mantra which he loved, students wrote poems and songs dedicated to him: "Love & light love & light in loving light your spirit takes flight. Ebb & flow, ebb & flow, in love so free we will let go. In gratitude in gratitude for loving times we spent with you. In love we pray, in love we pray, ever joined in heart felt way. Peace and love, peace and love, you shine on us from above. In our hearts in our hearts forever you will be a part. Hari om, Namaste. We honour you with each new day. Each new day." During the ceremony everyone lit a candle for Dave and his photo was surrounded by light in the centre of the Sadhana Hall. It was a poignant reminder that we live in a world where joy and sorrow are inseparably mixed. Dave had a passion for connecting people and sharing yoga through the internet. His creativity inspired many new forms of communication in the Ashram, including this beautiful blog which he created. Dave also uploaded talks by Swamiji and Ashram chants onto U-Tube. Many people around the world have shared the joy at being able to link with the Ashram energy in this way. May all the sharing on this blog continue Daves love for life, sharing and passion for yoga.

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