Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Meditation extracted from Swamiji's new book "Insight into Reality"

Dharana 12  The channel of Awareness

The channel of Awareness is situated in the middle and is like a slender lotus stem.
Meditate on the spaciousness within to thereby reveal essential being.
Verse 35

 Photo of a Lotus Flower from the Ashram Lake
In yogic and tantric terminology, the channel of Awareness is known as the sushumna, or the sushumna nadi.  It symbolises the subtle channel along which flows the transformative energy of the kundalini which awakens us to Awareness. In other words, we can say it is a subtle channel which connects our limited personality with Consciousness. Symbolically, it is said to be located midway between the ida and pingala nadis which symbolise the dualities of
our personality and of life itself .


Sit in a comfortable position with the eyes closed.

Feel as though your body is an empty vessel.

Be in touch with the inner space.

Visualise a lotus, or a water lily, growing in the spine.

The roots are in the region of the mooladhara chakra (or, if you prefer, in the area where your physical body touches the ground).

The flower bud is in the region of the crown of the head (the sahasrara).

The roots symbolise our material roots in nature.

The stem represents our passage through the waters of life: all the different experiences that we have in our lives, and the gradual unfoldment of the understanding which is indicated by the

The bud symbolises our innate potential which, when it flowers, represents the blossoming and fulfilment of our life as our Awareness opens up to the light of the sun Consciousness.

Reflect on this symbolism.

On a practical level, we are usually more concerned with where we are now in our life and how it can be transformed (or, at least, how our attitude can be changed); therefore, let us focus on the stem.

Bring your attention to the slender green stem between the roots and the bud.

Visualise it in the spine.

Imagine that you are in the middle of the stem and, contrary to logic, that it is spacious.

Feel this spaciousness pervading your whole being.

This spaciousness is always there in every action, perception, thought and feeling in our lives: we just have to realise it.

Living in this spaciousness helps us to realise our essential being.

Remain absorbed in this spaciousness for the rest of the practice.

Be open to insight.
Image of the Front Cover of Swamiji's Book

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