Sunday, 29 December 2013

In Memory of Tattwa Bodha

In case you haven’t heard, our beloved friend Tattwa Bodha passed away in the evening of 23rd December in Besançon. Yogini Ratna had been with her for a few days and Shiva Priya had just arrived. They chanted the Mrityunjaya Mantra and, just at the end of the chanting, Tattwa Bodha passed on. 
Tattwa Bodha in the Ashram Library

She lived in Mandala Yoga Ashram for over 8 years and she was the driving force in setting up the beautiful Ashram Library.  She was loved by both Ashram residents and visitors.
She had suffered her recent bout of cancer for the last few years and lived in a small village, Vincent, in the Jura Region of France. Her house quickly became a semi-Ashram and she received friends from all over planet Earth as well as local people who also supported her with great love in their hearts.
I jokingly told her one day that your house is Mandala Yoga Ashram branch in France. She blossomed in the love of her friends, though slowly the cancer took root. She was well looked after by the oncology department in Besançon University Hospital who tried everything they could to slow down the spread of the cancer.
We all have to return to whence we came. She has returned a little earlier than those reading this text.  She will ever be in the hearts of many of us.
This text comes with the deep love of Swami Nischalananda, the residents of the Ashram that she called home for 8 years and all her many friends.  All of us who were touched by her, reach out with love to let her go and say farewell.


  1. Well....I have no words for this awesome post!!!

    Gems of prayers

    1. I will always remember TB as a genuine friend a real person who loved to laugh at life and was so giving - with kisses with love and hugs. Miss you dearly my friend. Thankyou for touching my Life.

  2. I will always remember you as a funny and dynamic woman that you were, you'll always be in my heart, may the light be with you.


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