Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Reflection on Chanting

By Digambara 

With a background in music, I never imagined that moving to Mandala Yoga Ashram would actually bring me closer to its essence. Chanting is an integral part of ashram life, and it has reconnected me with a sense of devotion; a quality I thought I had lost, especially in relation to music. Devotion was present when I first struck a note; I would lose myself in the world of sound, immersed in the awe that it inspired, feeling that it arose from something beyond me. Though unarticulated and unconscious, the seed of devotion is what first inspired me to make music. This pure motivation is what became obscured; insecurity and egoic striving for complexity and originality consumed it. Yet, through chanting, a conscious return and reconnection with music, as a gateway to devotion, is taking place. And this time, it is consciously establishing itself as a means of union and being. It acts as a mirror to the motives of my body and mind.  Now-ness is expressed in its movement; it can carry me in its presence if I let it. And, it is not what sounds I make but how I make them that connect me with devotion and awe.   

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