Friday, 23 May 2014

Celebration for Tattwa Bodha

Dear Friends,
We intend to create a rose garden to celebrate the life of Tattwa Bodha and her significant contribution to Mandala Yoga Ashram.  As many of you know she loved roses and she beautified the ashram with them during the years she spent here.  The roses she planted continue to bloom.  Swamiji has given the name Samadhi Vanam for this garden.

Tattwa Bodha
The garden will include a paving stone circle with a bench, and at least 12 roses. The bench will be situated in the middle of the roses allowing people to sit and be surrounded by them.  Advice has been sought from David Austin Roses, a specialist breeder of English roses, as to which ones would be suitable for the Ashram climate.  The aim is to complete the project by the 29th July 2014, when there will be a special ceremony for Tattwa Bodha.

We invite contributions for this project and would like to raise £900.  This figure includes employing a professional to lay the stone circle.  
This rose is called Tranquillity 
Donations can be made by contacting the ashram office. 

Swami Atma is leading this project if you would like additional information.

Contact Details:
Telephone:  01558 685358
Address: Mandala Yoga Ashram, Pantypistyll,  Llansadwrn, Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire, SA19 8NR WALES, U.K.

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